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8/8/16 – Weekly Digital Marketing News Roundup

August 10, 2016

New Twitter ads let brands bait fans into tweeting   In an ongoing effort to up its advertising game, Twitter has released new ad units which Twitter claims are getting better engagement. These new ad units unlock pieces of content when users reply or retweet them. By luring users with exclusive brand content, some beta… Read more »

Social Media Roundup

8/2/16 – Weekly Digital Marketing News Roundup

August 4, 2016

Much-needed Filters & Custom Metrics Make Their Way to Twitter Ads Manager Reporting   A new set of tools will allow Twitter Ads Manager users to pick and choose the campaigns & metrics that they’d like to report on. New custom filters and custom metrics will be rolling out over the coming months allowing advertisers… Read more »

7/27/16 – Weekly Digital Marketing News Roundup

July 29, 2016

Google Soon To Provide Ability to Import Call Conversion Data   Call conversion details – once very limited in Google – will be getting a big update. Google has announced that it will allow the importing of call conversion data into AdWords. This opens up more detailed tracking and analysis possibilities, including third party phone… Read more »

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7/19/16 – Weekly Digital Marketing News Roundup

July 20, 2016

Google My Business Testing Email-Based Verification   For years Google has used a direct-mail postcard based system for verifying businesses, which has often caused issues: lost cards, various people “taking over” listings, and even painful local business Google “lockout” where too many postcards have been sent, so you’re left in limbo verifying your business. Email-based… Read more »

Pokémon Go

7/14/16 – Weekly Digital Marketing News Roundup

July 14, 2016

Pokémon GO: The Data Behind America’s Latest Obsession   If you haven’t heard of it by now, you may be living under a rock, right alongside a Pokémon. Nintendo’s augmented reality game has taken the US by storm. By all metrics, Pokémon is the King of the mobile world, surpassing Tinder in downloads in just… Read more »

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7/8/16 – Weekly Digital Marketing News Roundup

July 8, 2016

The Top 7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2016   Digital assistants will allow for a new kind of optimization. Digital assistants such as Siri and Cortana use traditional search engines when necessary, but not if the information being requested is recognized by the digital assistant. The key to optimizing in this new format will be… Read more »

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7/1/16 – Weekly Digital Marketing News Roundup

July 1, 2016

Key takeaways from the Google AMA: RankBrain, Panda, Penguin, bots & more   At the SMX advanced keynote, Google’s Gary Illyes spoke about a few hot pressing issues circulating in the SEO world. Google no longer uses authorship and they have fully committed to this statement since it was officially killed off almost two years… Read more »

Google Performance Summit 2016

Google Performance Summit Summary 2016

June 23, 2016

  Biggest Google Paid Search Changes in 10 Years!   The biggest changes to Google AdWords in 10 years are set to launch over the next several months. These changes are easily some of the biggest changes Google has made to AdWords since they launched the Quality Score in 2005 and Enhanced Campaigns in 2013…. Read more »

On-page SEO

5 Do’s and Don’ts of On-Page SEO

June 13, 2016

  Search engine optimization (SEO) is broken down into on-page and off-page optimization tactics to gain higher search engine rankings for your website. We always focus on white-hat SEO that follows the best current practices and tactics. In this post, we’ll showcase 5 on-page SEO do’s and don’ts. In a future post, we’ll talk about… Read more »

The Do's and Don'ts of search engine marketing copy

3 Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Search Engine Marketing Copy

May 20, 2016

  Pay-per-click (PPC) ads provide only a small number of words to capture the attention of your audience. Crafting a good ad requires careful research and a knowledge of how to optimize these words to increase qualified clicks. Observing a few key do’s and don’ts can help you make the most of your search engine… Read more »