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Digital marketing, advertising and business people in a meeting planning a strategy for automated ad creation.

How to Use AI Advertising for Paid Search and Social Media

The pervasive nature of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing has reached such an extent that marketers may inadvertently encounter it without even being cognizant of its presence. From chatbots and personalized product recommendations to ‘people also ask’ results on search engines, artificial intelligence — and AI advertising — are ubiquitous in our everyday lives.  ...
Effective MOFU marketing shown on a funnel hitting a bullseye.

Effective MOFU Marketing Through Personalized Messaging

Consumers have innumerable opportunities to enter your conversion funnel, from social media network advertisements to articles on prominent websites. However, once you have captured their attention, the challenge is to guide them through the funnel to its conclusion. The solution lies in effective middle-of-the-funnel marketing, also called MOFU marketing. MOFU marketing targets individuals in the ...
Map of TOFU marketing the most populous part of the marketing funnel to drive early-stage traffic.

The Benefits of TOFU Marketing for Driving Early-Stage Traffic

The phrase ‘the early bird gets the worm’ was first created centuries ago, but it still holds true today – especially concerning TOFU marketing. Short for top-of-the-funnel marketing, TOFU content leverages the most comprehensive and most populous part of the marketing funnel to drive early-stage traffic. But why is earlier better for marketing campaigns?  From ...
Search bar over an office setup and computer looking for information on Facebook Ads

How to Leverage Facebook Ads for eCommerce to Drive Conversions

With nearly 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become a primary pillar in eCommerce advertising.1 Facebook is the world’s most populous social network with the highest potential ad reach. Facebook ads for eCommerce have the potential to reach a whopping 2.08 billion people around the globe and 62.6% of Americans aged 13 and up.2 ...
Business professional giving a b2b saas marketing strategy presentation to colleagues.

How to Use a B2B SaaS Marketing Agency to Increase Your Profits

The average B2B SaaS company will allocate 92% of its first year’s revenue to customer acquisition.1 This amount translates to spending nearly 11 months of a business’s first year on customer acquisition costs alone. While some may consider sky-high customer acquisition costs as an inevitable aspect of B2B SaaS marketing, others search for an alternative ...
Increase conversions with schema

Schema for Ecommerce Stores: How to Take Advantage of the SERP

When it comes to eCommerce, the value of search engine results pages (SERPs) cannot be overstated. Nearly half of all eCommerce traffic stems from organic search results1, and approximately a quarter of eCommerce orders are directly linked to organic search traffic.2  If you operate an eCommerce store, now is the time to take advantage of ...

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