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A solid eCommerce SEO strategy ensures your products remain in relevant SERPs, even when an ad campaign is paused.

How to Create a Sustainable and Profitable Ecommerce SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) and eCommerce strategies are like peanut butter and jelly — great when separate, but even better when combined. Most marketers are familiar with SEO, or the process of boosting the quality and quantity of unpaid website traffic from search engines. However, many marketers are unaware of how vital an organic strategy ...
The pandemic has accelerated eCommerce by 5 years. As a result, marketers are seeking effective PPC strategies for 2022.

Sustainable and Effective Ecommerce PPC Strategies to Implement

When it comes to advertising for an eCommerce brand, PPC marketing has developed a long-standing reputation as one of the most highly effective methods. From Google shopping campaigns to Facebook ads, eCommerce PPC has become a reliable source of consistent, near-immediate results that can draw in high-quality leads. In 2020, PPC was ranked as one ...
The digital marketing landscape has evolved immensely to match the rise of technological developments.

The Digital Marketing Landscape is Changing—What You Should Know

The phrase ‘digital marketing landscape’ refers to the vast collection of websites, social networks, sales channels, brand and user-generated content, and emerging technologies that continue to shape digital infrastructure. Over the past three decades, the digital marketing landscape has evolved immensely to match the rise of technological developments and how products and services are sold ...
Geofencing marketing helps you target consumers within a specific radius from your location.

Use Geofencing Marketing in Your Brick-and-Mortar Strategy

If you own a brick-and-mortar business, you know firsthand that it’s been increasingly challenging to direct foot traffic to any physical location, let alone a small company. If only you could open a virtual perimeter around your physical location that entices potential customers to your store, then your marketing strategy would take off. Well, what ...
Digital media campaigns require testing in many areas.

The Importance of Testing in Your Media Buying Strategy

A successful media buying strategy is all about reaching the right audience, at the right time, on the right platform: a feature that can’t be accomplished without appropriate goal-setting and testing. Most marketers begin media buying with KPI-specific goals, like a 20% increase in brand awareness or a 15% spike in monthly site traffic. But, ...
OTT and CTV, while similar, are not the same and should be treated differently.

OTT vs. CTV: What Is the Difference and How Are They Being Redefined?

The average annual spend on streaming content has quadrupled in just five years, with no signs of slowing. And with 62% of adults ditching traditional cable for a streaming service, it’s safe to say that the streaming era is well underway. Predictably, the explosion of these services has created several questions, including what’s the difference ...
A blog is much more than stellar writing. Bullseye Strategy will help you build a content strategy that will help your blog succeed.

Blog Management is Much More Than Great Writing

Once, managing a blog site was simply a popular pastime and not a crucial element of content marketing. However, over the last six years, the number of bloggers in the United States has increased by 10 million — and you can guarantee that a vast majority of those are corporations and small businesses. Today, one-third ...

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