Digital Marketing Services


How your customers find you has changed drastically in the last several years. Finding your customers online and attracting them to your website will take a skilled digital marketing and advertising agency utilizing a combination of data, web analytics and insights, digital technology, creative storytelling, and messaging them in the right channels at the right time.


Bullseye Strategy is a full service digital marketing and advertising agency in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We offer digital marketing services that generates millions of dollars in revenue for our clients. We help a wide array of clients achieve their goals from multi-national brands to startups. Our digital marketing services will strengthen your online presence and deliver higher efficiencies and ROI. Our team works in partnership with your team through research, strategy, planning and execution to produce measurable results for you.


We’ll design a customized digital marketing strategy that uses the right combination of channels and services to achieve your goals. Some of the digital marketing and advertising services we offer include:


  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Media Planning
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Database and Email Marketing
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Brand Development and Messaging Strategy
  • Creative Development
  • Testing and Optimization
  • User Experience Development (UX)


Digital Marketing Strategy


A clearly defined digital marketing strategy is critical to your online marketing success. As a digital marketing agency, since our inception we have written and executed dozens of rigorous digital marketing plans for a range of companies from startups to Fortune 100 companies.


Our digital marketing strategy work always begins with diligent research probing into every area of your industry and your specific business needs. Then we build practical, sustainable strategies to leverage the right digital channels for you to achieve your goals.


Finally, we develop fresh, compelling campaign ideas and creative concepts to fuel those strategies successfully.


Paid Search Marketing


Through our insight-driven results-oriented strategies, we make pay-per-click (PPC) search marketing work more effectively for you. Focusing on ROI, a sound strategy and constant optimizations ensure we’re increasing your bottom-line.


Whether you’re an established PPC marketer, or you’re starting from scratch, we’ll do a deep dive analysis of your business, your industry and your competitors’ approach to PPC. We’ll analyze any previous efforts you’ve made in Google AdWords and Bing and then, we’ll marry that to your on-site analytics data, and then provide actionable insights for how to approach PPC management to achieve maximum ROI.


Our approach is more detailed than the typical commodity based approach many other digital marketing agencies take with PPC search marketing these days as we know what is necessary to achieve the stellar results that our clients have come to expect.


We are Google Certified and we maintain personal relationships with Google and Bing representatives to work with them for maximum optimization of your campaigns.


Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the process of gaining organic search visibility in search engine results pages.


At Bullseye, we do the research necessary to see what people are in fact searching for and what the competitive landscape is on the first page of search results for the terms. We then put together the plan to get your business to rank for these valuable buying behavior searches and execute on them.


No two SEO strategies are alike. Every business and every website has unique needs and challenges. We’ll audit your current organic presence, including on-site and off-site factors and then we’ll create a custom go-forward SEO strategy for your business. The strategy will include a priority based action plan that includes both on-site and off-site SEO tactics such as optimizations of website architecture, content, linking, and meta tags.


We employ only white hat best-in-class SEO tactics for our clients.


Digital Media Planning and Buying


To achieve optimum performance, we combine cutting-edge technology, years of experience, a disciplined approach, a firm understanding of your business and KPIs, and primary and third party data which allows us to put the most efficient digital media plans together for you.


From traditional direct-to-publisher buying, programmatic buying, and social media advertising, to unique pay-for-performance placements, and remarketing, we’ll ferret out the most optimal placements for your online ads and deliver your customers to you, no matter where they are on the web.


Audience buying and programmatic advertising have fundamentally changed the way we can drive buyers into your conversion funnel giving us incredibly efficient means to reach and convert your precise prospective customers.


Content Marketing


Content marketing and creative storytelling bring your brand to life in a way that let’s your audience connect with you and keeps your brand top-of-mind. Content marketing goes well beyond social media, permeating your entire marketing strategy if done well.


Our content marketing strategy is focused on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content, consistently across an array of marketing channels to attract and build a relationship with your target audience.


Ultimately, the goal is to use your content marketing to win their business and remain top-of-mind with prospects. While this is the goal, content marketing is an art that requires you to provide authentic content of value, without selling them in the least disruptive way possible.


We’ll help you deliver your message to your target audience, in a variety of creative ways while also ensuring that we maximize your content for search discoverability (read SEO!).


Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing allows your business to enhance its brand and reach both new and existing customers on media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat.


This form of digital marketing focuses on the social sharing of content, images, and video with the intent of serving your brand’s marketing goals. Bullseye’s highly trained team of social media experts will use our marketing stack to leverage data and insights to determine the types of content your audience will respond to and the channels in which they are most likely to engage.


Our social media marketing strategy will come to life through innovative content, imagery, and creative storytelling. Then we’ll deploy it and listen for social media mentions using sophisticated tools.


Database and Email Marketing


Email marketing remains a critical part of a company’s digital strategy. Our email marketing experts can work with you to streamline your existing practices or develop an entire email strategy from scratch.


Whether your emails are housed in a basic email service provider, or you’re working with a more sophisticated CRM database marketing tool, our team can devise an email strategy and implement a plan of action.


We’ll ensure your emails are well-crafted to develop a relationship with your audience, and drive traffic back to your site. By targeting customers with relevant messaging and tracking key metrics, our email services will provide a modern solution for a timeless channel.


We’ll be monitoring, reporting and optimizing based on standard email marketing KPIs such as open rates, click-through rates, click to open rate and ultimately conversion rates.


Analytics and Insights


Data alone is just numbers. But data combined with the ability to discern what it means to a company’s bottom line is where the magic happens. When we analyze your web data, we are looking across multiple sources of data to translate that into actionable insights and concrete initiatives that drive bottom-line results.


We’ll do an in-depth analysis of all data and metrics available to us, from web-based sources to your internal reporting sources, to identify what’s working as well as areas of inefficiency. Sometimes the changes are small optimization tweaks that will make a huge difference in overall ROI.


Our digital marketing and advertising team has the experience to identify areas of opportunity and then pull together an actionable plan for how we can use the data to ramp up what’s working well and remove whatever is causing waste.


Attribution Modeling


Understanding that customers do not take a straight path from brand awareness to purchase in the conversion funnel is key to knowing that you have to consider attribution modeling in order for your marketing programs to realize their full potential. Cross-channel and multi-touch attribution insights are essential for creating maximum ROI and efficiencies.


We will integrate, correlate and attribute your sales across all media touch points so that you get the most out of your digital marketing dollars. We’ll also help you forecast returns across your media mix while continuously optimizing your in-market dollars.


Finally, we’ll show you how results may be impacted if you add or remove channels from the mix.


Brand Development and Messaging Strategy


A brand is one of the most valuable assets of any business. Defining it and bringing it to life are critical to ensuring your brand is always top-of-mind for your consumers.


We’ll work with you to craft a brand strategy that is unique and represents your company through the transmission of your company’s attributes, values, purpose, strengths and passions.


The messaging strategy for your brand will play a critical component in how we bring your brand identity to life. We’ll develop a messaging strategy that considers your brand promise, and your unique value proposition. We will develop personas to speak to your target audiences and then craft a storyline for each of those personas. We’ll work with you and with your customers to determine the right voice, tone and personality for your brand.


These storylines and messaging elements will help our writers create compelling copy that creates a relationship and lasting impression with your customers.


Creative Development


The best digital marketing ideas need to be supported by the right creative. Notice we didn’t say the prettiest creative or the coolest creative. The “right” creative is the creative that will attract your specific target audience and speak to them in a way that is going to compel them into a relationship with you and ultimately a conversion.


Sometimes that’s cutting edge design work but sometimes that’s just the best damn headline over a relevant photo and landing page template that works for your audience. As a digital marketing and advertising agency, we create the digital marketing assets that we know will achieve your goals and of course, we rigorously test and optimize those assets along the way.


We work with expert creatives in each channel including copywriting, email template development, banner ad development, landing page development, microsites and videos.


Testing and Conversion Optimization


Our rigorous testing and optimization techniques ensure we’re deploying the best performing online marketing assets for you at all times.


Creative testing and audience testing allow us to know which creative assets work best for which audiences. A/B testing, multivariate testing and ultimately conversion optimization are essential parts of all our marketing plans.


Our team will use data from your existing campaigns along with our marketing experience to formulate test plans for your internet marketing programs.


The tests are focused on increasing conversions across the board for you.


When we see what’s working, we keep iterating so there are always new tests rolling out for continually increased performance.


User Experience Development (UX)


UX and user interface (UI) design are critical to ensuring your customers can do business with you on the web, on their mobile device, or anywhere they come into contact with you. Smooth navigation leads to increased engagement and increased conversions.


Your UX can have a lasting impression on your user and should be one that will encourage them to engage with your business as well as evangelize your business to others. Our UX designers work closely with our strategists to develop compelling creative that addresses what the customer wants and optimizes their path to purchase at every opportunity.


And UX is increasingly important for SEO purposes. UX and SEO can work hand-in-hand as a winning team if done well. Any UX exercise should have an SEO specialist at the table to carefully consider how UX changes will impact SEO.

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