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Dressember: Why We’re Wearing Dresses Every Day This Month

by | Dec 4, 2018

By Maria Harrison, President, Bullseye Strategy A-lines, sheaths and maxi dresses…oh my! And more importantly, why? If you’re riding the elevator at our headquarters at 110 East Broward Boulevard this month and feel like you’ve stepped into an episode of Mad Men with all the skirt-clad women, let me explain what’s going on. The Bullseye Strategy team is wearing dresses (or ties, for our male colleagues) in support of Dressember, an international campaign created with the goal of ending human trafficking. bullseye president maria harrison More than 30 million people are enslaved every year worldwide, with 2 million of them being children exploited in the sex trade. At Bullseye Strategy, we’re uniting with men and women everywhere who are fighting to counteract this insidious industry, one small donation at a time. We’re proud to join with students participating in the movement, social influencers, and even one bride who ran a 5k in her wedding gown to raise awareness of the cause. More than $5 million has thus far been raised by Dressember fundraisers, but since the human trafficking industry is $150 billion, we have a long way to go to counteract the crimes against humanity that have claimed so many victims. You can learn more about why this cause means so much to our team at our fundraising page.

Why Dresses?

So we probably can all agree that slavery, particularly sexual slavery of children, is something that needs to end. Maybe you’re wondering what wearing a dress has to do with any of that. There are a few reasons why a dress is more than a fashion statement when it comes to this campaign:
  • Dresses historically have been a garment that has distinguished women from men in a way that’s been disenfranchising. Dressember transforms the dress into a symbol of power as we unite together to raise money to fight human slavery.
  • It’s a conversation starter–when friends and family see you all dressed up, they want to know why you’re not in your usual jeans and T-shirt combo, easily opening the door to discuss this cause
  • Simple, consistent acts are the foundation of effective cause marketing on social media. Case in point:the #IceBucketChallenge
  • Wearing a dress every day makes us reflect on why we’ve decided to make December our Dressember. Any minor discomfort we might observe throughout the month–whether it’s because we only have a few dresses and have to repeat the same outfits often, or because a dress just isn’t as comfy as slacks and a top–is a gentle reminder of how our complaints pale in comparison to what millions of people across the globe are suffering due to enslavement.Team Bullseye supports Dressember

How Does Your Donation Help?

  Even in the smallest quantities, funds raised during Dressember directly impact human slavery in the following ways:
  • A $20 donation provides kits of basic necessities for recent survivors of human slavery
  • $102 covers legal fees to support survivor testimony
  • With $150, survivors can receive training and education so they can seek employment
  • $320 covers 8 hours of therapy for one survivor
  • Larger amounts raised, $3000 and up, support the legal prosecution of perpetrators and casework for victims of these crimes

Make a difference today–donate to the Bullseye Strategy Dressember fundraiser! Or start one yourself at


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