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Strategies for Digital Audio Advertising | Bullseye Strategy

by | Feb 24, 2012

Let’s talk about the latest online advertising medium currently growing at an unprecedented rate – Digital Audio. Digital Audio is a pretty broad term and a lot of you may only associate it with “listening to music” online. But it’s much more than that and its reach is quickly expanding. 
Digital audio can include radio streams both from your regular local radio stations as well as pure online radio stations, personalized and on-demand audio services that let you create playlists based on your preferences, or music or content based audio delivered in a website or application. Other elements that can be considered digital audio are download services and podcasts.
Pandora, the personalized online radio service, is a great example of the growth digital audio has seen with its jump to 125 million registered users this year over 75 million last year. 
When digital audio first started emerging the audience was definitely young and eclectic but what we see today are adults with high income. Although music is definitely the top preference for digital audio listeners, talk radio, news, and sports are other types of content that are of interest to the listeners.
If you have tried traditional radio advertising in the past, you will find that digital audio advertising have both similarities and distinct differences. The advertising spots can be purchased in :60, :30 and :15 seconds in length, much like traditional radio spots. But you can also synch these spots up with banners related to your audio spots. You can buy audio or video ads that are delivered before the actual content starts playing. And another most important element of digital audio is that mostly all of the advertising mediums are also available for mobile and tablet applications. 
Some other benefits of digital audio advertising are that the listeners are used to advertising and they expect to see advertising in many of the applications they use. One can also say that it is a captive audience, if they are listening in the car, in front of their computer, or on their phone there are not usually a lot of other distractions around.
So if your business is looking to test out a new and exciting advertising medium, look to digital audio. Feel free to contact us to help you find the best outlets for your company.

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