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Galactic Travel Marketing Insights | Bullseye Strategy

by | Dec 19, 2017

tnooz. Keep reading for a quick recap of each episode! Episode I brings us along the consumer journey in the luxury travel industry, comparing it to the journey of Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars trilogy. Maria details how travelers use technology for direct bookings and the 5 micro-moments that make up the consumer journey in travel marketing. Episode II reveals how we can use what we learned in Episode I to achieve a primary marketing goal. In this Episode we learn about 4 of the most important technological tools that will help deliver the consumer to your brand and how to use this technology effectively. Finally, Episode III revisits the dilemma of successfully integrating terrific customer phone call experiences with achieving digital marketing goals. Here we learn how forming connections with our consumers through this technology can help secure bookings in the luxury travel industry. Bonus: All of this is presented in Star Wars-like terms and analogies.   To read the full article published by tnooz, click here: Episode I Episode II Episode III]]>

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