Bullseye Buzz: Facebook Subtraction, Google Addition, Messenger Multiplication

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By Mark Eting Bullseye Strategy Special Correspondent It’s been a math-filled week in digital marketing as companies make multiple changes to the way they do business affecting the sum of things available to digital marketers. Thankfully, the news looks positive.  Facebook Does an About-Face Less than a year ago, Facebook made campaign budget optimization mandatory, … Read more »

Bullseye Buzz: Poll Questions and Poll Answers

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By Mark Eting Bullseye Strategy Special Correspondent Good news! Your opinions still matter. From marketers to manufacturers, and Silicon Valley to South Florida, people want to know what you think, and then provide that to you. How convenient is that? In this week’s Bullseye Buzz, we have a trio of stories about changes you’re asking… Read more »

Digital Marketing COVID-19 Resources

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Times have changed, possibly forever, in recent weeks. COVID-19 has not only affected the millions fighting the disease, but it’s also affecting nearly every aspect of life-as-we-knew it. No one seems to be immune to either the virus or its impact on the economy. While new procedures and medicines are being implemented for the sick,… Read more »

5 Myths about Influencer Marketing

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influencer marketing myths

By Jorie Mark, Senior Director of Content Strategy It’s difficult to scroll through Instagram without seeing dozens of #sponsored posts, usually by photogenic influencers cleverly posing with the products they represent.  Yogurt, lipstick, mobile phone chargers, baby wipes, tooth-whitening trays–they make it all look glamorous. Considering that 75% of marketers report having worked with influencers… Read more »

O Blog, Where Art Thou?

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog We all know the struggle of staying relevant on the ever changing digital stage. One way you can overcome this challenge is to give your business a Shakespearian size voice that reaches beyond your immediate scope. A Blog is a great platform to leverage to stay top-of-mind… Read more »