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Category: dgital marketing

Effective MOFU marketing shown on a funnel hitting a bullseye.

Effective MOFU Marketing Through Personalized Messaging

Consumers have innumerable opportunities to enter your conversion funnel, from social media network advertisements to articles on prominent websites. However, once you have captured their attention, the challenge is to guide them through the funnel to its conclusion. The solution lies in effective middle-of-the-funnel marketing, also called MOFU marketing. MOFU marketing targets individuals in the ...
Map of TOFU marketing the most populous part of the marketing funnel to drive early-stage traffic.

The Benefits of TOFU Marketing for Driving Early-Stage Traffic

The phrase ‘the early bird gets the worm’ was first created centuries ago, but it still holds true today – especially concerning TOFU marketing. Short for top-of-the-funnel marketing, TOFU content leverages the most comprehensive and most populous part of the marketing funnel to drive early-stage traffic. But why is earlier better for marketing campaigns?  From ...
Sharpen your marketing in 2019

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Digital Marketers

By Jonathan Schwartz, CEO, Bullseye Strategy The collective spirit of self-improvement makes the New Year a good time to line up an action plan for success, whether it’s a personal goal or a business goal. At Bullseye Strategy, we’ve definitely got fitness on our minds; if you’ve seen us on Instagram this month, you’ll see ...
marketing curveballs

Bullseye Buzz: Curveballs from Twitter, Mobile Carriers & Google

By Mark Eting Bullseye Strategy Special Correspondent You’d better duck or grab a glove if you’re in digital marketing, because this week is all about the curveball. We have big news from Twitter about their new beta app. Mobile carriers including AT&T are pulling out the proverbial data location rug from underneath us. Meanwhile, Google ...
influencer marketing myths

5 Myths about Influencer Marketing

By Jorie Mark, Senior Director of Content Strategy It’s difficult to scroll through Instagram without seeing dozens of #sponsored posts, usually by photogenic influencers cleverly posing with the products they represent.  Yogurt, lipstick, mobile phone chargers, baby wipes, tooth-whitening trays–they make it all look glamorous. Considering that 75% of marketers report having worked with influencers ...
Choosing a digital marketing agency

4 Tips For Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

[br] 1. Do the services offered by the digital marketing agency align with your goals?   Sit down and ask the prospective digital marketing company how they plan to meet your specific goals. If they don’t address specific plans to meet these particular goals, be wary that they are trying to sell you a cookie-cutter solution ...