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Category: Ad targeting

Woman at home working on a laptop using Microsoft Bing search engine.

The Microsoft Bing Search Engine and ChatGPT-4

Traffic related to the Microsoft Bing search engine and the new Bing chatbot has more than doubled in the past year, but many marketers and business owners are still a bit wary of the latest iteration of AI-powered search. After all, what is Microsoft Bing, and how does it work? What are the benefits of ...
Company leadership explaining the power of Microsoft ChatGPT bing

The Power of Microsoft ChatGPT Bing

A new era of Bing capabilities is here, and everyone is taking notice. The search engine, which is powered by Microsoft and partners with Microsoft Advertising, has now been turbocharged with a next-level iteration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology. Users can expect the new Bing ChatGPT integration to explode onto the search engine and Microsoft’s web ...
Business manager on the laptop working on Microsoft Bing Ads.

The Power of Microsoft Bing Ads: How to Enhance Your Advertising Strategy

Do Google Ads reign supreme in your advertising strategy? If so, that’s not too surprising. Google leads the global search market with an average share of nearly 85%, or almost nine out of every ten internet searches.1 But what about that other 15% of the global search market? The majority of it — 8.85%, to ...