Digital Marketing Strategy


As a full-service digital marketing agency, we believe it is essential to set forth a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. The digital marketing strategy will serve as the roadmap for achieving online marketing success for you.


The digital marketing strategy will always start with the end goal in mind…what do you want to achieve on the web for your business? With those goals in mind, we’ll partner with you to determine the right digital channels, tactics, and campaigns to achieve those goals.


We follow our proven methodology to establish your digital marketing strategy with clear key performance indicators, goals and objectives along with our strategies on how to achieve them.


What is a digital marketing strategy?


A digital marketing strategy defines how, when and where we can find your prospects online and convert them into customers for you.


A sound digital marketing strategy should address the channels, budgets, tactics and campaigns that will win you new customers, retain and earn loyalty from existing customers and grow your business.


Depending on the size of your budget and your goals, our online strategy for your business may include some or all of the following:


  • Recommended digital channels
  • Benefits and justification for utilization of any particular digital channel
  • Recommended budgets per channel
  • Projected ROI per channel and roll-up of projections
  • Seasonality of budgets
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Creative assets needed
  • Audience prioritization
  • Offerings per channel
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Goals for each channel and overall strategy
  • Web analytics
  • Technology needed/available to track and report
  • Integration with offline sales channels for campaign cohesiveness and tracking
  • Digital marketing trends


Digital Research and Competitive Analysis


Our digital marketing strategy work always begins with research. Our marketing research is both online and offline as we work through our process to understand your business, your unique needs and challenges, your competition, and your target audience.


We’ll leverage primary research such as interviews with your key stakeholders and customers as well as our agency tools and best-in-class digital marketing research tools to compile a sound internet marketing strategy for you.


Our general digital research consists of:


  • In-depth, in-person interviews with key stakeholders at your organization
  • Industry research
  • Market research
  • Customer interviews or surveys
  • Analytics review
  • Competitive analysis and benchmarking competitors


Then we delve into each online marketing channel and how it can best be utilized for your specific business needs.


We’ll look at a number of factors for your digital marketing strategy including but not limited to:


  • Competitive media spend spending broken down by digital marketing channel
  • Keyword research including search intent buying behavior keywords, competitiveness to buy and to rank organically
  • Other SEO indicators such as domain authority, word count, link profiles, site speed, meta tags, text to code ratio, indexed pages, keyword/phrase rankings and brand strength for both you and your competitors
  • Google Search Console review
  • Site architecture
  • Site user experience (UX)
  • Landing pages


Digital Marketing Plan


Armed with the information and data that we unearth during the research phase, coupled with our years of digital marketing experience, and fueled by a passion for internet marketing success, we’ll get to work building a sound digital marketing plan for you.


With your end-goal in mind, we’ll evaluate each digital channel to determine which ones are right for your business. Then we’ll develop fresh, compelling online marketing campaign ideas and creative concepts to successfully fuel those strategies.


We’ll apply the SMART goals approach to each channel, to ensure that we’re on track to hit your goals. The strategy will be:


  • Specific to your needs
  • Measurable
  • Agreed, attainable and achievable
  • Realistic and resourced
  • Time-bound




Once you’ve approved the digital marketing strategy, we’ll get to work laying the groundwork that’s needed to support it. That means:


  • Developing compelling creative assets
  • Writing content that will resonate with your target audience
  • Drafting test and optimization plans
  • Implementing the right tracking technology such as tags, pixels and offline tracking mechanisms to ensure we are accurately measuring results


Sound like a lot of work? It is! But it’s well-worth it to set your business on the course to internet marketing success with predictable outcomes and a favorable return on investment!