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Paid Media

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With the right combination of first-hand data, third-party reporting, and industry insights, our digital media strategies are able to deliver measurable results. It starts by correctly identifying when, where, and how to reach your target audience, using the most efficient means possible. This data-driven methodology guarantees we make every customer interaction count so that you can count on a healthy ROAS.

Paid Search

Paid search, or search engine marketing, is a perpetually moving target. That’s why we are continuously testing and optimizing keywords and copy. This performance-based strategy has proven to be the most effective at driving the types of clicks that lead to sales.

Programmatic Media

Programmatic advertising automates the ad-buying process with artificial intelligence and real-time bidding. In addition, our strategists use programmatic media data to gain granular insights into your customer’s buying behavior across multiple devices, which helps us create better-targeted – and much more cost-efficient – campaigns.

Direct Publisher Advertising

Direct publisher buying includes RFPs, one-on-one negotiations, and manual orders. We handle all these discussions on your behalf and continuously build upon these vendor relationships. This tactic allows us to access exclusive publisher inventory and the premium audiences that come with it.

Social Advertising

By leveraging user data, we create compelling ads that feel personally relevant to your customers when they see them on their social media feeds. Whether you want to boost brand awareness, drive conversions, or reach a specific audience segment, our social advertising strategy is highly targeted to get the job done.

Digital Video

Digital video can take on many different shapes – from short-form video to live streams – which makes it a compelling medium for a variety of platforms. When well-produced and consistently tracked, digital video engages your target audience, increases brand awareness, and drives bottom-line results. Working with us ensures you get the kind of high-quality video content that achieves your goals.

Shopping Feed Management

Our digital marketing experts know how to effectively manage your shopping feed so that we expand your business’s distribution across marketplaces, shopping engines, and more.

Return on ad spend for luxury hotel brand

Increase in conversions for e-commerce company

Increase in store walk-ins for a regional retailer

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