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Programmatic Media

Our expert media team goes beyond basic programmatic real-time bidding to design and optimize your programmatic campaigns. At the heart of every programmatic campaign is the specific customer you’re trying to reach, the data we can leverage to reach them, and an advanced campaign architecture to design, execute, track, and optimize your programmatic campaigns to conversions. We’ll find your ideal customers on digital, TV, CTV, and social media platforms and hit them at every part of the funnel.

Harness the Power of Programmatic Advertising

We use algorithmic software that places your ad in a matter of seconds. This includes traffic data and targeting methods that better serve accurate impressions, resulting in a higher return on ad spend(ROAS).

How We Can Help You

Our strategists use programmatic media data to gain granular insight into consumer buyer behaviors across multiple devices and locations such as in-store, at home and events, and more. As a result, our technology and resources help us build better-targeted and more cost-efficient campaigns for our clients. In addition, we use the most advanced research methods to secure your optimal ad space.

We work closely to help you establish clearly defined goals that ensure you achieve your desired objectives. Our team gets started by understanding both your brand and its consumers. Once we determine your purposes and buyer personas, Bullseye Strategy builds engaging, memorable, scroll-stopping, click-worthy creative assets to drive qualified traffic to your site.

A Successful Strategy Is as Good
as the Team Building It

We help you succeed by crafting a solid strategy using real-time bidding (RTB) demand-side platforms (DSP). We consolidate data, technology, and target audiences into a single real-time dashboard to give you a full 360 -degree view of your campaign. 

Our DSP grants access to an entire programmatic universe of inventory, audiences, and data sets—plus the ability to plan, buy, and manage campaigns. Through our proprietary workflow automation system, we’re able to efficiently and quickly launch, analyze, and optimize DSP media buys to produce the highest ROAS for your business. This isn’t just remnant inventory – this is premium inventory that we’re buying in real-time for your brand.

We’re able to plan, negotiate, track, and optimize custom offerings across thousands of premium publishers from one dashboard, ensuring you’re getting the fastest turnaround and most optimal results on your programmatic buys.

Bullseye’s Targeting & Measurements

Our programmatic advertising helps you reach a specific audience based on the types of devices they’re using, purchasing behavior, retargeting, geodemographics, and more. Bullseye’s programmatic targeting methods help you reach the consumer in the right place at the right time.

Cross-Device Targeting

Meet your consumer on the device or platform they’re using when they’re ready to engage with your brand.

TV Targeting

With TV ads, we’ll help you reach your audience based on program genre, viewing habits, and more, and the best part of this is non-skippable addressable audiences that pinpoint your target audience.

Behavioral & Demographic Targeting

Reach your audience based on previously collected behavioral and demographic data such as age, location, and purchasing habits.

Contextual Targeting

Place your ads on websites and in proximity to content directly related to your product.

Hyper-Local Targeting

Meet your customers in a specific geographical location.


Remarketing messages help you capture users who have been to your site organically or through paid media.

Return on ad spend for luxury hotel brand

Increase in conversions for e-commerce company

Increase in store walk-ins for a regional retailer

Ready for a change?

Good, because we’re ready to help. We’ll not only create an efficient digital marketing strategy, but we’ll execute and refine it to continuously grow your business.