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Messaging Strategy

Branding is the bridge that connects you to your customers. It’s not just about memorable logo design or catchy slogan (though, those are important pieces). Branding is a combination of what people see and how you make them feel. By focusing on your core values, we help you develop a differentiated identity that is reputable, relatable, and recognizable.

Company Naming

Your company name is like the title to your story. It should appeal to your audience and clearly express the best qualities of your business, while differentiating you from competitors. We guide you through the entire process, from an energized brainstorm session to competitive and trademark research to market research.

Product Naming

A product name has the potential to boost brand recognition, which is why it needs to have staying power. We’ll dive deep into the product details to compose a name that is memorable, evokes emotion and has the potential to evolve as the product and your brand evolves with the marketplace.

Brand Voice Development

Your brand voice is the vocabulary and tone used to communicate your brand’s personality. The words you choose heavily influence how your brand is perceived, whether it’s a tweet, a product description, an email to a customer, or a white paper. We will map out your voice to adapt to a range of emotions and speak to more than one audience segment within multiple genres of customer communications and marketing copy.

UVP and USP Development

Together, your unique selling proposition (USP) and unique value proposition (UVP) explain what sets your brand apart from the competition and why your brand is worth the customer’s hard-earned dollars. These statements need to be clear and concise. We lay the groundwork for a plan that will identify your USP and UVP, ingrain them within all marketing touchpoints, and ultimately influence action.

Logo Design

Whether your brand was born yesterday or simply needs a refresh, logo design is one of the most important elements of a powerful brand. Our designers will work with you to understand the goals of your logo and the critical messages to convey. After researching competitors and trends within your vertical, we will offer you several versions to choose from and refine. The final result? A logo unique to your company that elevates your branding and instantly commands recognition from your audience.

Color Palette Creation

Consumers have been known to make buying decisions solely based on color. We will propose a custom palette that fits your brand’s personality, logo, and existing assets, as well as your products and your overall brand mission.

Brand Guide Creation

Collectively, your logo, color palette, font selection, and brand voice make up your brand guide. As we help you develop these individual components, we also organize them into a comprehensive workbook that makes your brand easy to understand and easy for your marketing team and agencies to bring your brand to life.

Ready for a change?

Good, because we’re ready to help. We’ll not only create an efficient digital marketing strategy, but we’ll execute and refine it to continuously grow your business.