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The Future of Digital Marketing: Recent Grad Tells All

by | Jun 18, 2019

By Bullseye Strategy Staff

When people talk about the “future of digital marketing,” they are usually referring to the latest evolution in marketing technology or new consumption trend. But at Bullseye Strategy, we’ve learned it’s the people who really make a difference when it comes to our industry.

This is especially apparent when we talk to Kylie Braeseke, a recent MBA grad who won first-place honors at this year’s KeyBank Foundation Minority MBA Case Competition. Kylie started at our agency as an intern. Along with her diploma, she has earned a position with us as our Paid Media Specialist. Kylie embodies our core values. Her passion for excellence, commitment to personalized service, curiosity and results-oriented personality make her a great fit for Bullseye Strategy and a role model for anyone aspiring to have a career in digital marketing.

We caught Kylie in between boosting lead gen ads to gather her insights on the future of digital marketing, what it’s like entering the workforce in 2019 and even how she spends her (scarce) free time. Here’s what Kylie had to say:

Q&A With Paid Media Specialist, Kylie Braeseke

Bullseye Strategy: Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up, where did you go to college, what was your major and what is the focus of your graduate degree?

Kylie Braeseke: I was born and raised in South Florida, where I played soccer competitively from a young age. My soccer career carried into college, as I played for St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida. At St. Thomas, I studied business administration, before continuing on to get my MBA in global marketing. I was fortunate – and ambitious – enough to finish those two degrees in a span of four years.

Kylie was on the first-place team at the KeyBank Foundation competition, beating out 27 other universities, including University of Miami and University of Michigan.

BES: Wow! You really hustled through school. So why did you decide to go into the field of digital marketing?

KB: I decided on digital marketing because it’s an industry that caught my attention. I’ve always had an interest in consumer behavior and the digital age, so this is a perfect combination of the two!

BES: Describe a day in your life at Bullseye Strategy. What are your responsibilities on a typical day?

KB: A day in the life at Bullseye Strategy is busy! Busy is great, though. If my brain is not constantly occupied, I can get pretty bored.So my first order of business every day is to check on all paid social campaigns we are running for our clients. I will create new ads, organize audiences and test assets through all social platforms. With the information I gather from the paid social campaigns, I will make recommendations to our digital marketing strategists, who then decide on next steps for our clients.

Kylie (right) with another talented recent graduate, Bullseye Strategy’s Content Manager Sierra Shafer (left), who received her master’s from Syracuse University in 2018.

BES: What do you enjoy most about your work at Bullseye Strategy?

KB: At Bullseye Strategy, I’ve been given the opportunity to work a little in every department, which is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my role. It’s a small, family-oriented agency, which allows me to dip my toes in a variety of areas, including paid social, content creation, SEO and data pulling. I get to be involved in overall strategy and work hand-in-hand with every person on our team. I’ve learned so much in so little time!

BES: What do you think is next for digital marketing?

KB: In digital marketing, all things are possible. I’m excited to see how artificial intelligence and visual search shift the industry and how agencies react to the constantly changing trends in digital marketing. Chatbots and influencer marketing are also changing the game of digital marketing. I’m just hoping I can keep up! The great thing about working at Bullseye Strategy is we have a culture where we regularly share the most important updates and pivots in digital marketing technology. The industry changes so quickly that it keeps us all on our toes!

BES: How are recent graduates different from the marketers who have been in the workplace longer? What do you think sets this generation apart?

KB: I think recent graduates are different from the veteran marketers in one key way: We are open books. We question everything. We don’t believe in traditional anymore. This generation lives on their mobile device and is constantly wondering how their mobile experience can be better when it comes to shopping, eating, blogging and sharing. Because of this perspective, I think we will be able to relate closely with target audiences in the new mobile age.

BES: What do you do in your downtime for fun?

KB: In my downtime, I like to cook and create healthy recipes. Going to the gym and taking boxing classes is always a fun release. Otherwise, I enjoy spending time outside, coaching youth soccer; those kids make my day!

A member of the St. Thomas University soccer team while a student, Kylie now enjoys coaching youth soccer in her spare time.

I’ve also started teaching myself SEO through my own blog. The blog is a new-and-exciting challenge that I’m proud to call my own.  

The Future of Digital Marketing is Bright

As Kylie pointed out, the next generation lives on their mobile device. That’s why having an online presence is critical to the success of any business – from the floor-mat manufacturer to the high-fashion designer. What’s even more important is understanding how to manage that presence. After all, the internet is evolving every…single…day. Google changes its algorithm, Instagram threatens to take away likes and advertising today on television looks nothing like it did a decade ago.

This cultural shift is creating a demand for more digital marketing experts, since these are the people who can help companies navigate the internet’s unpredictability. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 10% job growth for advertising, promotions and marketing managers between 2016 and 2026 (great news for Kylie and all the new grads!).

While that’s a promising statistic, what’s even more encouraging is the fact that hard-working young adults like Kylie will be leading the charge. Bullseye Strategy may benefit from a boost in digital marketing demand, but none of that matters if we don’t have the right people in the right positions.

After meeting Kylie and seeing her work in action, we can confidently say that the future of digital marketing shines bright, is totally on fleek and couldn’t be more lit.

Want to see what your digital future looks like? Contact us today to chat about your company’s marketing strategy.


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