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GenZ at Coachella & Amazon Pop-Ups | Bullseye Strategy

by | Apr 9, 2019

By Mark Eting

Bullseye Strategy Special Correspondent

digital marketing news

This week in digital marketing news, the parents, aunts, and uncles of Generation Z shoppers at our agency hugged each other with relief, exclaiming, “It’s not just us??” when we learned that this age group rolls its eyes not only at authorities but at celebrities, too. A new report on the 22-and-under crowd’s shopping behavior found even more mistrust of brands and their celebrities endorsers than among Millennials. In other news, ordering milk from Walmart will soon be as easy as saying, “Buy milk.” Meanwhile, Amazon lockers will be installed at Coachella so fashionistas in attendance can instantly purchase the goodies they’re seeing ‘grammed at this iconic music festival.

Everything You Wanted To Know About GenZ Shoppers But Were Afraid to Ask

Before you say, “My babysitter only makes $5 an hour, so how much do her shopping preferences really matter?” let us just stop you there: Generation Z is estimated to have a $29-139 billion spending power, according to Social Media Today. This number is only going up as the oldest members of this age group are now 22, so we’re taking their shopping behaviors very, very seriously. Particularly this statistic: GenZ trusts product recommendations from influencers 1.3x over celebrity endorsements. We love news like this, because influencer marketing is so much more scalable and measurable for our clients than wrangling with celebrity agents, managers, personal groomers, etc. Another exciting fact for the mobile marketers at our agency: 75% of the young-‘uns surveyed list their smart phone as their primary device.

GenZ shopping behavior

Buying Milk Just Got As Easy As Saying, “Buy Milk.”

In a victory for Walmart, Google, and lazy grocery shoppers everywhere, grocery shopping just got as easy as speaking the items you want to buy into any device that features Google Assistant, which includes iPhones, Androids and Google Home. Walmart said the technology will soon be available on other platforms (likely Alexa.) This multi-platform innovation targets loyal Walmart shoppers but will certainly pull market share from grocery customers who might otherwise shop elsewhere but love the convenience of being able to restock their fridge with little more than a grunt.

Say "Milk!" with Walmart/Google voice activated shopping

Instant Shopping Gratification for Coachella Fashionistas

It’s the very definition of a first-world problem–attending Coachella, being inspired by a pair of adorable sunnies worn by another festival-goer, then needing to wait days for them to arrive in the mail. Not to fear: Amazon is rushing in to save the day by offering a unique “storefront” at Coachella this year, where you can instantly score the clothes and accessories you’re seeing on the scene, as well as phone chargers, sunscreen, and other personal care must-haves, which apparently includes flatulence pads by the brand Subtle Butt. You can also order items in advance and have them shipped directly to Coachella’s on-site Amazon locker in Indio, California, eliminating yet another first-world problem: this suitcase is soooo heavy.

Coachella Amazon pop-up

“Mark Eting” is the pen name of the Bullseye Strategy team. Check back with us next week for more news on what’s buzzing in the digital marketing industry.


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