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YouTube Connect: The Next Live Streaming Juggernaut

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1,300,000,000. That’s the total number of people that use YouTube…every day. It’s safe to say that YouTube owns the realm of user generated media. Over the past few months though, you may have heard a trend for the term Live Streaming take the wheel when it comes to getting content out to your social media followers. According to, Google/Alphabet is now looking to enter this segment with what they’re calling YouTube Connect. YouTube Connect will allow broadcasters to instantly go live to their subscribers through an app or the Youtube webpage, and have the ability to chat with them and incorporate “tagging” features. Apps and features like Periscope and Facebook Live have given anyone the ability to showcase what they’re doing at any given time; allowing for a revolutionary way for businesses to communicate with consumers.


Video has become one of the most powerful tools and trends in digital media marketing. Just imagine the endless opportunities in terms of advertising your brand to an already established subscriber base. Now you may ask yourself if it’s worth the investment and time to Live Stream, but let’s put it in the perspective of the consumer. In today’s ever-evolving commercial world, consumers are in control of the brand and want transparency with everything they purchase. Live streaming a function or process within your business fills that void and helps your brand stand out from the crowd.


YouTube Connect


Companies should view live streaming as a way to establish an unbreakable connection with their consumer base rather than trying to hard sell them on a certain product. A perfect example of a company that has successfully taken the approach of establishing connections with their customers is Virgin Atlantic. Something as simple as Richard Branson taking to social media to ask if they should keep their shiny salt & pepper shakers or switch to cheap ones makes the consumer feel involved with the company (they complied and stayed with their shiny ones).


The good thing about live streaming on like YouTube Connect is that you aren’t constrained to one or two demographics as the age range varies; especially on Facebook and YouTube. This gives companies the ability to create strategies that will not only establish a long lasting relationship with consumers but grow their subscriber base. Just take into account the YouTuber PewDiePie –  he doesn’t have 43 million subscribers because he uploads his video gaming experience, but because he’s able to connect with his fan base in a variety of ways.


Have you started experimenting with Live Streaming? In what creative ways have you used it to promote your business?