Your Social Media Content isn’t Being Seen

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Twitter released a new insight to your analytics. Impressions provides users with more information about their content, but it is also proving what every social media marketer fears the most – your brand’s  social media content is not being seen. Before you bring that ax down on twitter, marketers need to understand that this is a very different situation than that on Facebook and see the opportunity for optimizing the social media strategy.

Unlike Facebook, your followers are not always seeing your content not because you didn’t pay for them to, but because of when they are actively on Twitter. Therefore, Impressions is a powerful insight for brands to test and optimize times to engage their audience. Coupled with engagement and engagement rate, brands can determine what messaging concepts are more effective and when to go back to the drawing board on other messaging concepts.

All in all, this new insight really enables brands to fine tune their social media strategy to best reach their audience on Twitter.

, Interactive Marketing Specialist