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8/8/16 – Weekly Digital Marketing News Roundup

New Twitter ads let brands bait fans into tweeting


In an ongoing effort to up its advertising game, Twitter has released new ad units which Twitter claims are getting better engagement. These new ad units unlock pieces of content when users reply or retweet them. By luring users with exclusive brand content, some beta advertisers have reported increased views and engagement.


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Prime Air: Amazon confirms that it’s launching its own air cargo service


Amazon is launching Prime Air, a fleet of 40 of it’s own cargo jets (Boeing 767’s) to make their delivery time even quicker, proving that they are in an e-commerce league of their own. This may put them in direct competition with Fedex and UPS if they decide to ship for other merchants. This change will allow for next day delivery which should increase profits.


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Study Finds Personalized Digital Ads Deliver 3X Consumer Engagement


A new study by Jivox that measures the impact of personalization on digital advertising performance finds that consumer engagement with online advertising increases by 3x when ads are personalized vs. standard display ad performance. The report examined ad engagement on three key performance indicators: click-through rate (CTR), interaction rate (IR), and average dwell time (ADT).


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Data Exploration with Google Data Studio


In May, Google announced its Google Data Studio, a tool (in beta) to help marketers and data analysts to visualize data sets. Google’s Analytics blog posted a terrific visualization walk-through this past week to show how the tool works and showcase some of the visualizations possible. This is a terrific tool for every marketer’s toolbox


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Facebook Copies Snapchat Again by Rolling out Filters and Stickers


After adding the Instagram stories feature to Instagram last week, Facebook has now made another snapchat-like move by adding the ability to include stickers and filters to a picture you take through the Facebook mobile app. It’s currently available through the test versions in Canada and Brazil (just in time for the olympics).


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Facebook organic reach is down 52% for publishers’ Pages this year


Organic reach on Facebook is down 52% this year. However, larger publishers like Pop Sugar are able to combat this with shifting a lot of content to video. Video is still getting great reach and they have actually been able to increase their organic reach through the use of video content.


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