Creating Lead Generating Websites: Consistent Call-To-Action Needed

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Just this week, we announced Railex picked us, Bullseye Strategy, as their marketing agency to help shape the company’s brand presence and with demand generation. It’s always exciting to immerse ourselves in a new client’s business, learn their challenges, understand their goals and then execute on a strategic marketing plan that we devise.

In the case of Railex, lead generation is one of their key performance indicators and, with that in mind, streamlining the Railex website to invite contact became an immediate need. As a cold transport and third party logistics company, Railex’s bread and butter depends on prospects requesting rate quotes. As we took on the overall Railex rebranding, one of the first things we did was embark on a redesign of the website, ensuring that the call-to-action was more prominent and consistent.



The entire website has been modernized, streamlined and reconstructed. It’s responsive and search engine optimized. And the “Get a Quote” call-to-action? It’s been given the star position it deserves and is now consistent and prominent throughout the site.

Let’s just say we are all pleased with the early returns.

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