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Search Engine Optimization (LDP)

Real Estate

The Corcoran Group (www.corcoran.com) is New York’s premier real estate brokerage, specializing in homes for sale or rent in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Hamptons, and Palm Beach until 2020. In 2020, Corcoran launched a national presence and can now be found everywhere from NYC to San Francisco, Chicago, and beyond. Bullseye Strategy has been Corcoran’s digital agency of record for over 6 years, supporting them in paid digital media and search engine optimization (SEO) throughout that time.


Ali H.

VP of Product and Tech Support, The Corcoran Group

Bullseye’s approach to growing our organic rankings has been strategically aligned with our goals and has produced results beyond our expectations. And it’s not just product and marketing that notice. Our agents have been overwhelmed with growing numbers of leads – a great problem to have!


Corcoran is a real estate company that heavily relies on listing detail pages to drive qualified traffic to their site. Corcoran was ranking below competitors for its own listings that appeared on all sites leading to internal agent dissatisfaction.


Bullseye developed a plan to fully optimize all technical and on-page SEO elements of listing detail pages.

Some of the optimizations included index sculpting (optimizing sitemaps, robots.txt, de-indexing non-valuable LDPs, proper canonicals, and 301s), page speed optimizations, schema updates, metadata optimizations, and header optimizations.

Careful crafting of all technical elements, methodical timing of deployments, and close collaboration between Bullseye Strategy and Corcoran developers led to a successful rollout of all optimizations.


25% increase in NYC listing detail page position 1 keywords

10% increase in NYC listing detail page 1 keywords

46% increase in Hamptons listing detail page position 1 keywords

12% increase in Hamptons listing detail page 1 keywords

125% increase in FL listing detail page position 1 keywords

85% increase in FL listing detail page 1 keywords

A majority of LDPs began to rank above all competitors including aggregator sites

Key Tactics Implemented

  • Index Sculpting
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Schema Optimization
  • Header & Metadata Optimization
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