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Track Your Personal Network to Grow Your Business

by | Jul 16, 2014

Over the course of the last decade, there have been a great number of websites that purport to help you track your professional network and, in turn, grow your business, but none has been more valuable than LinkedIn. That’s not to say that there aren’t other valuable products out there. One product that I have been using over the last year (and I noticed a lot of my online media industry friends have been using as well) is Newsle. Newsle differentiated itself from LinkedIn by leveraging proprietary technology to send emails to my inbox with my friends’ names in the subject line when they appeared in blogs or articles across the web. Talk about personalized subject lines that work – we are all curious by nature and want to know what is going on with those in our circle.  I’d bet open rates on those emails are pretty high. Newsle takes care of getting the information to you; its what you do with it next that matters.

Back to LinkedIn. They recently announced that they were welcoming Newsle to the family, taking on their technology and their employees. LinkedIn has a habit of noticing and acquiring promising companies that share their goals of making people more productive. I can’t wait to see how they leverage the Newsle technology and hope they continue to provide the personalized emails. You never know what the future holds for a service once it is acquired. In fact, LinkedIn acquired CardMunch in 2011 only to shutter it later in favor of a partnership with Evernote. Only time will tell.
Are there any business tools out there that you are using that you just can’t live without? Share with us.

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