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From Awareness to Sales: Social Media’s Marketing Shift

by | Jun 3, 2013

Social media has become a staple in most corporate digital marketing strategies. Brand awareness and customer service are often cited as two of the key drivers for adding it to the marketing mix.  Social media has been an excellent platform for brands to become more than just a logo; it’s become a platform for brands to open and continue an ongoing dialog with their customers, beyond a one-time interaction with their product or store. This is a new day for companies to give their brand a personality that was often difficult to communicate prior to social media. 
But did you also know social media can be fruitful for direct response marketers? If you’re a marketer who lives and dies by the bottom line numbers like retail sales, Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Acquisition, or some other Cost Per metric, and you’re not leveraging social media, you’re missing some important opportunities for your organization.
Drive to Retail
Let’s take a marketer like Signature Brands who took to social media in order to drive retail sales for PAAS Easter Eggs, a product with a storied 100+ year history . In case you missed it, we grew their Facebook following to over 40,000 users with a printable coupon to use in stores just in time for the Easter holiday.

 Drive Email List Sign Ups
Independent blues rock musician Joe Bonamassa has strategically leveraged social media to create a deep relationship with his passionate fan base but he hasn’t stopped there. He’s wisely leveraging social media to garner more email list sign ups, a critical component to his overall digital marketing strategy to sell more memorabilia online and tickets to his live worldwide performances.

And Twitter has caught on that garnering email addresses from users is a key driver for businesses with their newly launched Lead Generation Card, designed to allow marketers to present a specific offer to Twitter users and for them to respond with an acceptance of the offer and their email address inline.  
Social Media = Cold Hard Cash
The bottom line here is that social media directly drives sales, whether they are online offers or offline sales in retail stores. Social media isn’t just for brand awareness and customer service anymore.

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