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Effective Blogging Tips for Businesses | Bullseye Strategy

by | Aug 28, 2012

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

We all know the struggle of staying relevant on the ever changing digital stage. One way you can overcome this challenge is to give your business a Shakespearian size voice that reaches beyond your immediate scope. A Blog is a great platform to leverage to stay top-of-mind by wooing your audience with engaging information, regularly.  A Blog, no matter the brand or business, offers 5 key benefits:

1.  Establish Thy Expertise and Credibility
Your blog is an opportunity to illustrate expertise and demonstrate industry understanding and insights. More importantly, expertise is a powerful differentiator; in certain markets, it may even be your only effective one.

2. Use Thy Voice
Blogs, in contrast to websites, are interactive. Each post can potentially become a conversation, not just a monologue. This creates reader engagement and a deeper relationship as opposed to just passive consumptions of information.

 3.Art Thou Rich in Search Engine Optimization?
One of the strongest assets of a blog, when it’s used strategically, is search engine optimization (SEO). Every post builds keyword-rich content and further develops your link building strategy. This content can be augmented with video, audio, and images— all of which contribute to a strong SEO mix.

4. Tis Brand Awareness and Positioning
A Blog is an ideal channel through which to raise your brand up onto a pedestal. This allows your customers to better communicate your product or services. In addition, it can help to identify your brand/business, product or service in such a manner that it occupies a distinct place and value in the target customer’s mind.

5. Alas! Reputation Management
 A Blog can be utilized to gather customer feedback and address negative opinions of your brand or business. It can act as a forum to address damaging perceptions, while essentially building and restoring your brand image, credibility and positive presence by listening and responding to your audiences’ questions, concerns or comments.
The minimal cost, both financially and time vested, coupled with unlimited potential for exposure and connection make business blogging a no-lose proposition.
Are you thinking about starting your own company blog or are you already blogging? Share your ShakeXperiences with us here!


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