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New Facebook Reporting Features Cross-Device Tracking

by | Sep 4, 2014

Facebook reporting is getting more robust every day. Recently they launched a new feature that allows marketers to track cross-device campaign performance. The beauty of this feature is now you can track the power of mobile. Consumers use various devices throughout the day to communicate, and it often takes multiple interactions with a brand before they make a purchase.

According to a study by market research agency GfK, 60% of online adults in the United States use at least two devices every day and almost one quarter use three devices. For example, a consumer may wake up and check email on an iPhone in the morning, switch to a desktop computer during the day and then over to a tablet in the evening. Facebook now allows us to track the entire purchasing process via cross-device reporting.

How does it work? Cross-device reporting works with the Facebook conversion pixel to allow marketers to view the number of customers who clicked an ad on a tablet and then converted later on desktop. Metrics within the cross-device feature are broken down into five categories: delivery and spend, clicks, actions, revenue, and cost per action. However, the unique clicks and action metrics are tied directly into the conversion pixel and will only populate if you’re using conversion pixels in your ads.

What about results? Mobile ads may not convert but they’re role is still valuable in the purchasing process. A recent Facebook study found over 32% of users converted on desktop within 28 days after showing interest in a mobile Facebook ad. They also found that users who showed interest in a mobile ad were more likely to convert on a different device as time passed.

Where do I find it? Finding the cross-device feature is easy. Simply, go to your Facebook ad account, click reports, go to edit columns and select cross-device on the left-hand menu. Voila!
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