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Leveraging Google+ for Business Success | Bullseye Strategy

by | Nov 10, 2011

Everyone loves to hate on Google; it’s been somewhat of a favorite past time of interactive geeks for years. In the end, I really just think they’re all jealous of Larry and Sergey! But, I’m here to tell you not to hate on Google+. G Marks the spot with Google+ and the +1 Button (subsequent post to come on that). 

It’s here, it’s here to stay, and you need to get on-board, and now. 

I also don’t see it as a competitor to Facebook; it will live in peace and harmony with Facebook – well, maybe not peace and harmony but they will co-exist for a long time to come. It won’t put Facebook out of business, but it WILL be another social media channel that needs to be nurtured because the party has started there and it’s going to continue. 

Here are 3 good reasons to pay attention to Google+ and grab your Google+ page today: 

1. Search Engine Optimization baby!  – It’s all about the SEO. There is a lot of chatter about why Google+ is no good, that there is no one there, no one is using it, it’s a ghost-town. Give it a chance folks! It’s only been open to individuals up until now but now that it’s open to businesses, let the games begin! Businesses are completely motivated to ensure the conversation starts to happen on Google+ because Google is already counting Google+ posts in their algo. Google+ posts are already are seen skyrocketing to the top of natural search engine results pages (SERPs). 

2. More Engagement Possibilities – Unlike Facebook, there is no ranking concept (e.g. EdgeRank) so all of your posts show up to at least everyone who is following you. It ensures that at least your followers will see your posts – that’s not always the case on Facebook (though I would posit that most business owners don’t event know that). 

3. Higher Quality Content – So far, all of the content on Google+ seems to be higher quality than Facebook. I see much less posting (virtually none) about what people had for dinner, what the weather is like in their city, or what the kids are doing. So far, and maybe because it’s early adopters, most of the posts seem business-like. I actually think Google+ might give LinkedIn a bigger run for it’s money than Facebook. There are endless B2B possibilities on Google+, especially when considering SEO as noted above. 

So, go get your Google+ page now! 🙂

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