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LinkedIn, Instagram & Tinder Marketing Trends | Bullseye

by | Feb 11, 2019

By Mark Eting

Bullseye Strategy Special Correspondent

Welcome to a Valentine’s Day-themed edition of the Bullseye Buzz, where we dish about the digital marketing news everyone’s buzzing about. Conveniently this week, we were dashing out emoji heart eyes like crazy on our Slack channel over some news reports about LinkedIn and Instagram, both of which demonstrated that these two social media platforms are even more swoonworthy than either of the Hemsworth brothers. We’ve also enjoyed talking about Samsung’s Valentine’s Day-themed social campaign–though some of us are less in love with it than others. digital marketing news

Engagements Up 60% On LinkedIn

If you want to learn about getting “engaged” this Valentine’s Day, we recommend you look no further than LinkedIn, which has seen a 60% increase in likes, comments, and shares, as well as feed views. (Pardon the pun–our social media staff waits all year to make cheesy jokes about the word engagement.) More than 40% of LinkedIn’s 610 million registered users check in on LinkedIn on the daily–and they have a lot to say, too, with 130,000 new articles created weekly on this platform. Love for LinkedIn on the rise

Instagram Has Us at “Hello”

Just having an Instagram account is a big win for brands; a new study by Facebook of 21,000 users found that brands are seen as “creative,” “relevant,” and “popular” simply because they post on Instagram. Some even bigger #instagood news: 81% of those surveyed use Instagram to help them research products to purchase and 83% discover new products and services via this channel. The takeaway for brands: if you don’t yet have an Instagram channel, grab a handle and start hashtagging. Instagram impacts shopping behavior

Samsung Launches “Refrigerdating”

If you’ve ever ruled out a potential love interest because you couldn’t stomach dating someone who puts pineapple on their pizza, you might be amused by the new “Refrigerdating” feature of Samsung’s Family Hub fridge. Upload the contents of your fridge to get connected to someone who has a similar palate. (Or, if you live by the notion that opposites attract, maybe you want to find a tofu fiend to counterbalance your love of lamb.) Some of us think the announcement of this Tinder-like fridge feature is well-timed for Valentine’s Day, but others of us think it’s hard enough to find decent people to date without adding their eating habits to the seemingly endless criteria. dating app based on food “Mark Eting” is the pen name of the Bullseye Strategy team. Check back with us next week for more news on what’s buzzing in the digital marketing industry.]]>

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