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Bullseye Buzz: Desperately Seeking 18-34 Year-Olds

by | Mar 6, 2019

By Mark Eting

Bullseye Strategy Special Correspondent

Are you between the ages of 18 and 34? If so, you should feel very, very wanted. Brands and social media platforms alike are doing just about anything and everything they can to court you, ranging from the much-mocked and now-defunct Facebook LOL feed to the various cringe-worthy brand social media posts cataloged in the Twitter account, Brands Saying Bae. This week’s digital marketing headlines were pretty much all about pandering to young’uns. digital marketing news

Introducing Facebook Showcase: Because TV is For Old People

Traditional TV advertising has always been a mainstay of media buys, but what should advertisers do as fewer of the 18-to-34-year-old age group watches broadcast television? Facebook is offering an exciting option to reach the 100 million viewers of Facebook Watch, 43% of whom are in this desirable demo. The newly launched Facebook Showcase provides advance-purchase, set-rate sponsorship packages of premium Facebook Watch content. young people don't watch TV

50-year-old Tic Tac Is On the Insta

That one-and-a-half-calorie breath mint known for its TV spots is aiming to freshen the mouths of people who are decades away from needing dentures. Tic Tac is venturing into 6-second bumpers and Instagram stories. Recent research reports that mobile users prefer and expect extra-short commercials compared to the traditional television spot. Instagram Tic Tac

Mom & Pop Shops for the Instagram Generation

Instagram announced that it is testing local business profile pages–offering hours of operation and contact information to shoppers who may not even remember when their parents had to look up this information in that large yellow newsprint-filled thing called a “phone book.” The information listed will be similar to Google’s local knowledge panels. local businesses on Instagram
“Mark Eting” is the pen name of the Bullseye Strategy team. Check back with us next week for more news on what’s buzzing in the digital marketing industry.

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