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3 Do’s and Don'ts of Effective Search Engine Marketing Copy

by | May 20, 2016

Search Engine Marketing Copy Do’s

[br] 1) Tailor Ad Text According to the Device

  Google AdWords allows you to target ads to PCs or mobile devices, and the text that you use should be different for both. You’re allowed a heading and up to two lines of copy, but the second line doesn’t always display correctly on small screens. Tighten up your ads for mobile users, and test the final versions on multiple screen sizes to ensure that none of your message is lost.

[br] 2) Create a Sense of Urgency

[br] Potential customers are going to scroll right past your PPC ads unless you give them a good reason to click. Make your offer as compelling as possible, and direct the link to a landing experience  where visitors can take an immediate action to either transact with you or become a lead. Most importantly, ensure that you have a strong call to action that entices the user to click now. Action words such as “get”, “try”, “buy” are all action words. These can also be combined with offers. Here are a few examples of calls to action you can consider testing:
  • Get It Now
  • Try It Free
  • Buy Now
  • Save Now
  • Go Now
  • Contact Us Now
  • Call Now

[br] 3) Implement A/B Testing

[br] Come up with at least two versions of every PPC ad you write, and test these versions against each other to discover which is the most effective. Note how many clicks and conversions you get by using different headlines, body text, links and keywords. Continued testing will reveal the combinations that most appeal to your target audience, and these insights can be used to design more effective campaigns in the future. A/B testing

[br] Beware of Search Engine Marketing Copy Don’ts

[br] 1) Forgetting to Add Ad Extensions

[br] AdWords extensions display extras such as your business contact information, additional links and “click-to-call” options along with the basic PPC ad copy. Add extensions are the perfect place to add more information or details into your search copy that you can’t fit in the traditional space. These extensions also make it easier for potential customers to interact with your business by giving them the opportunity to locate or contact you right from the search page.

[br] 2) Forgetting to Tailor the Ad Text to Each Group

[br] Pitching a general ad to a wide audience is like tossing a formless lure into a lake full of fish. You may catch something, but it’s probably not going to be what you want. The same goes for PPC campaigns. You should have your PPC strategy segmented into campaigns and ad groups so that you can tailor the ad copy more specifically to the user’s search intent. For example, if the user searches for “Used BMW 5 series near me” and you serve an ad that talks about why you’re the best BMW dealer in your area that’s fine but what would be better, and drive a more qualified click for you is if the ad copy talked about the specific car and deals being offered on it. Search Engine Marketing Copy

[br] 3) Writing in All Caps or With Excessive  Exclamation Points

[br] People associate excessive capitalization and exclamation points with dishonest sales tactics and will ignore your ad if your copy includes either of them. Further, Google AdWords doesn’t allow All CAPS in ad copy so you’ll need to stay away from it. Your goal should be to entice users with genuine offers and opportunities to solve their problems. [br] Keep in mind as you craft your ad copy that you pay for every click, and clicks that don’t result in a captured lead or a conversion waste valuable marketing dollars. Your time is best spent targeting the most relevant segments of your audience through campaigns that follow best practices for search engine marketing. The smarter you are about ad content, the more quality leads you’ll bring in with every dollar you spend.

[br] Need help with your search engine marketing copy?

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