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Social Media Advertising

Some agencies will use your media dollars for target practice. We’ll use it for bullseyes. Through data mining, advanced audience, and targeting technology, paid social media advertising can precisely target your audience to drive leads, sales, and revenue efficiently.

Our Certifications

Our Experts Hit the Target

Social media advertising may seem daunting at first with various social platforms, ad units, and optimization options to consider. As experts who spend every waking moment on these platforms and obsessing over the customer journey, whether you’re a startup just getting off the ground or a Fortune 100, our media team will find your audience and make the most efficient use of your budget to target your audience. Our team is adept at working with varying size budgets and scaling them for maximum return on ad spend. 

We combine full-funnel paid social ad campaigns with compelling messaging and thumb-stopping images and videos to convey your brand story to granular audiences across all devices resulting in minimal waste, high ad recall, engagement, and conversions. Whether you’re selling B2B or B2C, social media advertising rooted in deep analytics, data, and audience targeting results in the kind of performance that will delight your C-suite.

Targeting consumers?
Meet Your Prospective Customers Where They Are

Our 360-degree customer journey approach nurtures relationships and builds better brand experiences leading to higher conversions and return on ad spend. We start by identifying your target audience and, specifically, your ideal customer. Then, we analyze your existing sales data and marry that to the vast array of targeting options available across popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Reddit, and others.

We’ll consider every step in their journey and build a sequenced ad strategy that takes the consumer from awareness to desire to intent to action!

Targeting businesses?
Position Yourself
as a Thought-Leader

By positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry, you can reach the decision-makers that need your products and services. With thoughtful content set high in the funnel, we’ll capture their attention and convert them to leads. 

While your sales team gets to work contacting prospective new customers, we’ll continue to push them through the conversion funnel with a sequenced ad strategy that demonstrates how your product or service can improve their bottom lines. In addition, we’ll put prior sales history and other data points to work to engage your most valuable audiences on all social platforms.

Drilling Down

We’ll drill down on your website analytics to determine where your customers are dropping out of the funnel. Then, we’ll recover them with abandonment flows, personal ads, shopping experiences, and user journeys, then build advanced retargeting using online data to meet your customers where they are to capture the conversions.

Creative That’s About Connection

Whether you’re selling to other businesses or consumers, your creative has to create a connection with your audience. From strong, provocative ads to warm and fuzzy heartstring-tugging creative to celebrate the special moments in life, our creative is designed to create an authentic connection with your audience and stop the scroll.

Our Strategic Approach

Bullseye Strategy is a premier social media advertising agency. We use high-quality content to create compelling ads that appeal to the audience you’re targeting. With detailed analysis and personalized ad creation, we’ll help you reach your marketing goals. Bullseye Strategy will build your paid social media campaign tailored to your brand’s unique needs, whether you want to drive conversions or boost brand awareness.

Our expert team will work directly with you to establish clear marketing objectives and build campaigns that help you achieve them in short order with rapid deployment, optimizations, and analysis that leads to the most efficient use of your media dollars.  We use a data-driven approach to evaluate the success of your ads in addition to quarterly and monthly reporting to continue building campaigns based on what worked best from previous ad placements.

Want to Learn More About Paid Social Campaigns that Get Results Fast?

We’re here to help! If you’re ready to take the plunge into social media advertising. Schedule a complimentary consultation with our social media marketing experts at Bullseye strategy today!