“We hired Bullseye because of their passion, personalized service and attention to detail. Over the course of my career, I’ve never seen landing pages convert at such high levels to leads. I am able to focus on other operational needs and trust in Bullseye that they are never going to stop optimizing and will manage to our budget. It is rare that you find an agency that will answer your emails and calls at any time of night but they understand the real-time nature of our business and are always there.”

– Sheryl Cattell, Director of Online Marketing


A company offering home warranties for thirty years exclusively through channel partners desired to go direct to consumer leveraging online media. With an in-house director of marketing, they needed an agency to support all of their online marketing efforts.


Bullseye was responsible for directing all media, landing pages, call center integrations, and was held to very strict KPIs. One of the most important KPIs was converting “searchers” to leads.


Through ongoing management and continuous testing of digital media, Bullseye:

  • Launched and optimized landing pages to convert at nearly 30%
  • Decreased cost per sale by ~36%
  • Increased total number of customer acquisitions by 274% during a 12 month period