BILLSHARK is a startup that negotiates bills on the customer’s behalf. The company  negotiates regular monthly bills like cable, wireless, home security, and more.


As a startup, it was important for BILLSHARK to go to market with a high impact marketing plan at low cost. They reached out to Bullseye to help them overcome this challenge and put a plan together for market launch.


We conducted comprehensive
stakeholder interviews with BILLSHARK’s executives, to make sure goals were appropriately defined.

We reviewed the product/service, competition, user experience in all channels, industry benchmarks and size of target audiences within specific channels.

Based on the information and research gathered, we put together a comprehensive go to market launch plan, recommending marketing channels, budgets, and projections for the first six months in market.


Our strategy set forth multiple media channels to test, with an initial focus on paid search. With distinct mobile and desktop strategies to drive app downloads and signups, the results exceeded expectations showing decreased costs per signup each week.


Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.09.12 AM


“You provided exactly what we needed to get our product to market. Hitting projections, and exceeding expectations has been the norm since we kicked this off. CPL is continuing to trend down and Bullseye continues to amp up our marketing with new and innovative ideas.”

– Steven McKean, Founder and CEO of BILLSHARK