“Bullseye has successfully lead the charge in increasing our direct-to-consumer business by more than 40% during the first twelve months of our engagement, while simultaneously decreasing our overall cost-per-acquisition….

Bullseye functioned as a key interactive marketing partner for us, serving as an extension of our internal team. ”

– Steve McKean, Chief Executive Officer, Acceller


Digital services reseller needed to cost-effectively reach and generate leads within the U.S. Hispanic market.


Bullseye leveraged and optimized Google’s mobile search targeting and mobile ad networks to reach Hispanics on mobile devices, their preferred communication tool.


Acceller realized a 400% lift in baseline inquiries, shopping behavior and consumer engagement with a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and engagement that was 3-5 times higher than traditional programs based on the quality of phone calls, shopping behaviors and actual orders.