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Our Case Studies

Paid Search Marketing

Real Estate

The Corcoran Group (www.corcoran.com) is New York’s premier real estate brokerage, specializing in homes for sale or rent in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Hamptons, and Palm Beach until 2020. In 2020, Corcoran launched a national presence and can now be found everywhere from NYC to San Francisco, Chicago, and beyond. Bullseye Strategy has been Corcoran’s digital agency of record for over 6 years, supporting them in paid digital media and search engine optimization (SEO) throughout that time.


David Yang
Director of Digital Marketing

“Bullseye Strategy has been a key partner for us since 2014. They transformed our paid search campaign into a top-performing marketing channel and continue to evolve with the business as we have grown from 3 key markets to over 35 worldwide. Our partnership has extended into SEO support for a holistic search strategy to maximize lead opportunities.”


Corcoran’s AdWords campaigns were growing in cost while underperforming against important KPIs like click-through rate. Critically, there was also no lead conversion goal set in place.


Bullseye analyzed buyer intent and keyword match type, seeking to eliminate waste & identify missed opportunities.

We rebuilt campaigns from the ground-up to better perform against critical keywords, including optimized targeting and refreshed copy for optimal quality scores.

We worked directly with Corcoran’s marketing and IT departments to build in lead conversion tracking to better measure success and effectively optimize.


5% decrease in CPC in year 1

213% increase in CTR in year 1

83.65% increase in leads in first quarter of Bullseye managing Google AdWords

The Corcoran Group saw near-immediate return on the time invested by Bullseye Strategy PPC strategists. Cost per click dropped while click-through rate soared. Conversion data proves that AdWords is now among the most effective media channels utilized.

Key Tactics Implemented

  • Match Type Optimizations
  • Bid Management Optimizations
  • Ad Copy Testing and Optimizations
  • Location Targeting Optimizations
  • Search Query Reports to Cull New Keywords
  • Daypart Optimizations
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