Bullseye Buzz: Shopify & Mailchimp Break Up; LinkedIn Upgrades Audiences

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breaking up digital marketing platforms

By Mark Eting Bullseye Strategy Special Correspondent We hate to sound like a Hollywood gossip columnist, but did you hear that Shopify and Mailchimp broke up?? It’s staggering, like when Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck stopped being Bennifer; unlike the undoing of Bennifer, though, this divorce has major ramifications for brands, agencies, and of course,… Read more »

The Final Four in New Digital Technologies | Bullseye Strategy

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March Madness for Digital Marketing

By Jonathan Schwartz, CEO Bullseye Strategy  Have you filled out your bracket yet? As March Madness begins, basketball fans across the country are making calculated decisions to determine which teams are favored to win the NCAA Tournament. Meanwhile, at Bullseye Strategy, we’re reviewing our own “final four”: the top digital technologies. No, this didn’t involve… Read more »

Bullseye Buzz: Game On for Snapchat; Google Goes on a Detox

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Bullseye Buzz Snapchat

By Mark Eting Bullseye Strategy Special Correspondent What’s on the menu for this week’s Bullseye Buzz? It’s a tasty one. Snapchat’s spicing things up with a gamer platform as its audience growth slows, podcasts are looking like a sweet bet for marketers, and Google has blended up a giant detox smoothie to rid itself of… Read more »

Bullseye Buzz: The #SorryNotSorry Social Media Playbook

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accidentally on purpose

By Mark Eting Bullseye Strategy Special Correspondent If you’ve ever managed a brand’s social media account and noticed how a humorous-to-the-outsider mistake corresponded with a big leap in engagements, we’ve got a barstool reserved for you. Being the laughing stock of the Internet is not the kind of engagement rate spike most marketers covet…most of… Read more »

Happy International Women’s Day, From Bullseye Strategy

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international women's day

By Bullseye Strategy Staff Every year, March 8th is International Women’s Day (IWD). It’s a global celebration of women’s social, economic, cultural and political achievements. These efforts do not belong to any one country, group or organization. As InternationalWomensDay.com puts it, “[IWD] is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action – whatever that looks… Read more »

Bullseye Buzz: Desperately Seeking 18-34 Year-Olds

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By Mark Eting Bullseye Strategy Special Correspondent Are you between the ages of 18 and 34? If so, you should feel very, very wanted. Brands and social media platforms alike are doing just about anything and everything they can to court you, ranging from the much-mocked and now-defunct Facebook LOL feed to the various cringe-worthy… Read more »