Twitter Gets Comfortable in Its Own Skin

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Twitter lets their flag fly

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you know that something’s going on over at Twitter. From top-secret projects to CEO shakeups, Twitter is making changes and making them fast. Why are they doing it? To get more advertising dollars and more users of course. After all, they’re involved in an epic social media battle… Read more »

New Facebook Reporting Features Cross-Device Tracking

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Facebook reporting is getting more robust every day. Recently they launched a new feature that allows marketers to track cross-device campaign performance. The beauty of this feature is now you can track the power of mobile. Consumers use various devices throughout the day to communicate, and it often takes multiple interactions with a brand before… Read more »

Your Social Media Content isn’t Being Seen

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Twitter released a new insight to your analytics. Impressions provides users with more information about their content, but it is also proving what every social media marketer fears the most – your brand’s  social media content is not being seen. Before you bring that ax down on twitter, marketers need to understand that this is… Read more »

New Facebook Update: Recommended Videos Roll Out

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Videos increase people’s understanding of your product or service by 74%, according to Digital Sherpa. It’s only natural that Facebook is rolling out “recommended videos” within the mobile newsfeed. Facebook’s recommended videos is not like YouTube’s related videos section. Instead, after viewing a video on Facebook, you’ll see related videos from both your friends and… Read more »

Track Your Personal Network to Grow Your Business

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Over the course of the last decade, there have been a great number of websites that purport to help you track your professional network and, in turn, grow your business, but none has been more valuable than LinkedIn. That’s not to say that there aren’t other valuable products out there. One product that I have been… Read more »

The Twitter Redesign: Three Musts for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Facebook, everywhere you go. Earlier this month, Twitter announced a redesign of user profiles and they look quite familiar. Twitter is calling their new design an easier and more fun way to express yourself – or your brand – through the web profile, and it is now available… Read more »

Twitter Custom Timelines

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Purpose Twitter announced a new feature, custom timelines. Initially, the feature will be available for Tweetdeck Web, Chrome and PC, with the Mac update to follow. This move comes at an interesting time because Twitter phased out the mobile and desktop versions of Tweetdeck a few months ago; this may lead users to believe the… Read more »

Facebook for B2B Marketers

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It’s undeniable that if you’re a B2B marketer today, you absolutely must have a LinkedIn strategy but many B2B marketers are simply missing the boat on Facebook. It’s not about Facebook vs. LinkedIn; it’s about how Facebook can be an important piece to your overall marketing strategy. Why Facebook? Giant Audience = Tremendous Reach! Facebook… Read more »